Workin 9 to 5

While sadly denim isn’t appropriate in every office, in this day and age they are appropriate in most. Here we show you how to make your denim office-chic (Basically add a blazer, and go). x




















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Lust List – March

Each month Denim Dayze will bring you our latest coveted items the pay day splurge and the budget friendly alternative. We hope this helps shape you’re fashion buying decisions

Each month Denim Dayze will now be bringing you our latest coveted items – the pay day splurge and the budget friendly alternative. We hope this helps shape you’re fashion purchasing decisions.


Here in Australia we’re now approaching that in-between time of year. It’s not yet cold but it’s time to shy away from the denim cut-offs to avoid catching a chill. With that in mind, and heavily inspired by our recent post ‘I’m with the band’ we’re on the hunt for the edgiest band tee on the market. Keep the styling simple with a well-cut blazer and you’re out the door in a flash. Here’s our top picks;

– Pay day splurge –

Joseph Blazer – $769, RE/DONE Jeans – $382.12, Madeworn Rock T-Shirt – $364.79,         Sam Edelman Shoes – $126


– Wallet Friendly –

Combined LE.PNG
H&M Blazer – $49.99, Bardot Jeans – $37.50 – an absolute steal!                                TopShop T-Shirt – $59.95, Rubi Sneakers – $49.95


What’s on your wish list this month?

Happy shopping lovers! xx



When you think Jeans what’s the first brand that comes to mind? I’d be shocked if you said anything other than Levi’s, and since they invented the first ever jean in 1853 it’s no surprise why.

Levi’s began under the name of ‘Levi Strauss’based in San Francisco, USA. Their first style the ‘XX’ (for men) was the first ever riveted jean, developed for the everyday workmen who demanded strength and durability in his jeans. In 1890 the ‘XX’ is renamed the ‘501’ (Five Oh One). Fast forward to the twenty first century, and women and men are still wearing the iconic style.

With the current resurgence of 90’s style the 501 jean has well and truly made it’s way back into fashion, vintage stores struggling to keep up with buyers demand.

E-commerce store Re/Done has generated a cult following promoting sustainable denim fashion. The store offers vintage Levi’s altered to current season fits & styles. The brand itself is a huge promoter of Levi’s fast history, advocating that each pair of jeans sold on their site comes with it’s own history unique from every other pair sold before it. As a purchasee you’ll create new life for the pair.


So the question remains why do we love Levi’s so much? The answer is simple, quality never goes out of style. Being the inventors of jeans and consistently evolving the style early on makes Levi’s our go-to brand for jeans time and time again. Shawn Parr, head of US consultancy firm Bulldog Drummond says it best, “Levi’s is like the Rolling Stones or Johnny Cash. They’re one of the all-time greats who defy and define the category, and without them, the genre wouldn’t be the same.” Keep doin what you’re doin Levi’s and we’ll be wearing red-tabbed behinds for another hundred years.