BRAND PROFILE: AG Jeans by Adriano Goldschmied


If you haven’t yet heard of AG Jeans then it’s time to get to know them, and let me tell you once you do you’ll never look back.

The Los Angeles Californian brand got it’s beginning in 2000, a partnership between Adriano Goldschmied and Yul Ku. Adriano known as “The godfather of denim” and Yul a specialist in manufacturing. Between the two of them they’d previously worked for the likes of Diesel, Gap, Lucky Brand, Abercrombie & Fitch and JCrew to name a few. The collaboration just made sense. Goldschmied left his namesake company in 2004 passing his reign of creative director over to Sam Ku (Yul’s son). Sam had worked in the business straight out of college and risen through the ranks, well equipped to take over the role from Goldschmied and still heads the company today.

What they’re known for

AG Jeans have always been about new denim with a vintage aesthetic. As such they’re fabrics are unbelievably soft – minus that stiff feeling you quite often get from denim. Their state of the art finishes include hand-crafted destruction and angled whiskering, in effect making each pair of jeans a unique work of art.

The company has and will always be a start to finish factory, meaning from design through to production everything is done under one roof. Which results in unparalleled quality and a wealth of creative freedom.


Why we love our AG’s

First and foremost they have a fit and wash for everyone. Their popular Stilt style, keeps the skinny jean wearer happy, their Absolute legging is hard to even call a jean they’re that comfortable and their Ex-boyfriend keep us looking effortlessly cool.

AG cares about the environment! In 2009 they began using ozone technology during production, significantly reducing water usage & chemical consumption throughout manufacturing. Let it also be known that AG regularly recycles scrap fabric for other various uses rather than the scraps going to landfill – nice work guys.

I mentioned it earlier and I’m gonna mention it again because I truly believe AG Jeans have some of the best fabrics on the market. 85% of the fabric is produced in Japan and the remainder is from Italy – need I say more? They design fabrics exclusively with the mills and they themselves testify that it’s the fabrics NOT the treatments producing that soft AG feel.

ACxAG – Alexa Chung Collaboration

images (1)Alexa-Chung-AG-Jeans-Fall-2016-Campaign04

In Spring 2015 AG launched it’s first collaborative collection with British It-Girl Alexa Chung. The collection was received with overwhelming success – selling out globally. Why does the collaboration work so well? It’s simple really, AG has long been known for it’s vintage influenced styles and Alexa is an avid vintage wearer, not to mention style-guru. We all want to be as cool as Alexa ergo we all want to buy her clothes.

Over the past few seasons AG has continued to focus on their outwear and the results have been top-notch, each season topping the last. For the latest Spring Alexa Campaign be sure to watch the video below – trust me it’s worth it just for the lols.

Keep up the good vibes AG.